Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

While preparing to enjoy the winter Olympics and seeing the taping of "We are the world" I couldn't help but wonder if these words really have true meaning in this messed up world we live in today. Not a day goes by when some headlines are depicting how either political party is hurting this country. Its always easier to point fingers and play the blame came than to say "lets put our ideas together and work things out."
At least for a period of time now we can all focus on something in common, the greatness of athletes around the world and then look forward to spring training of the MLB while still cheering for our favorite teams of basketball, soccer etc.
There seems to be enough turmoil and strife throughout the world, earthquakes, freezing snow storms,rain, drought,wars and the worst enemy of all GREED, so if there is a higher power as I believe we better all try to learn to get along.
Congrats to all the athlete's of the winter Olympics, I must say my heart was filled with pride every time I cheered on Team USA.
The older I get the more sentimental I get. Being away for half a century from the little place in Colorado that I proudly call my home town, I keep searching for some resemblance to the past. Thanks to today's technology I can turn on a piece of electronics and view movies or still pictures that the present day residents love to share with the world. I must say though, the beauty that these modern day devices display makes me wonder if I really lived in the same place. Its amazing how many videos are posted online promoting tourist and developers to come bring your life's savings, big city ideas, kill the game, cut the trees, change the rivers, its no wonder that the senior population now consists of retires from other parts of the world. They came with loaded wallets and like a magician made the real historians disappear.