Wednesday, November 7, 2012



                                    MY PRAYER
                                       FORGIVE ME LORD FOR I AM TRULY A SINNER
                                        I CANNOT JUDGE OTHERS SIMPLY BY THE TONE
                                        OF THEIR SKIN, THEIR CHIOCES IN CIVIL MATTERS OR
                                        WHOM THEY LOVE
                                        I MAY CHERISH LIFE BORN OR UNBORN BUT I CANNOT
                                        SIT IN JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS IN THIS MATTER, I TRULY
                                         BELIEVE THAT YOU ALONE WILL DECIDE WHAT IS JUST
                                         OR UNJUST
                                         I AM THANKFUL LORD FOR THE BLESSING YOU HAVE
                                         BESTOWED UPON ME WITH WIFE’S AND CHILDREN
                                         LORD BE MY COMPANION WHETHER ON THE MOUNTAIN,
                                          DEEP IN THE VALLEY OR IN A PHEW. 
                                          GIVE WISDOM TO THOSE I LOVE TO BE UNDERSTANDING,
                                           COMPASSIONATE, AND DEVOTED TO YOU EVERLASTING
                                           FORGIVE THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE MORE RIGHTOUS
                                           THAN THEIR BROTHER AND SISTERS

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Land Of Choice

On this election day, my vote has been cast as I anxiously await the end of the day when the tally has been officially recorded.
 This has been the most controversial election I can ever recall in all my years of voting.
But, when all is said and done I will proudly still salute the flag and pledge allegiance no matter who is chosen as this nation's leaders.
Only in America can we as citizens reach across the miles to help our friends, family or strangers in time of need and yet exhibit hatred for those who have different political or religious views. Once the dust has settled from this election I hope we can unite again; for storms will continue to come to our shores and they may not always be from mother nature. God Bless America!