Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dark Clouds Over The San Juans

Just learned today though social media that Pagosa will no longer have a museum to house the treasures of past adventurers and settlers to the land of Archuleta County. Pagosa has gone through so many changes in the past 40 decades that it is barely recognizable to those whose childhood roots were etched in streets, mountains and streams of Archuleta County.
 To this old timer who has dedicated parts of  his family history to the Museum and always looked forward to renewing memories on each visit feels as though history is being allowed to fade away like so many of us early Pagosans.
 Seems very sad that a community can find ways to sell marijuana to create a rocky mountain high in the city, fly balloons over the rivers, have a hoe down on reservoir hill, big in corporate franchises yet can't find the funds to retain the history. Without the history of the settlers there would be no expansion of a city where cattle and farming once thrived.
 Yes, Pagosa is a beautiful part of Colorado and with today's marketing technology and digital photography it has become a vacationers paradise, if one can afford the luxury. Here is hoping Pagosa will find a way to retain all the artifacts and history stored in that building for future generations , Please keep "Red Ryder" and " Little Beaver"  alive never forget how it all started so many years ago.