Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music From Yesterday

Sometimes when I start reminiscing, the old mind drifts back to a time when Song Lyrics were understandable and the stories they told somehow were a reflection of ones own life. Growing up in Pagosa Springs Colorado, we didn't have television to capture our imagination so the old Philco radio put me to sleep many nights listening to country music from Del Rio Texas. When television arrived the "Ed Sullivan Show" gave us a glimpse into the pop music and then "The Grand Ole Opry" came along and all the country songs we lived in our mind came to life. The artist of the time dressed in such colorful clothes and the female artist didn't have to show skin to prove they were ladies. With today's technology now I can visibly watch all those glorious memories, tap my toes and sing along, thanks to a thing called "you tube".

Pagosa Springs now is bringing back some of the good old country sounds through the Bluegrass Festivals there. There are many musicians that like to gather there under the pine trees on a hill side near the famous Hot Springs. I haven't had the opportunity to attend these celebrations but through the wonder of the computer age I can enjoy them by clicking onto a web site called "All Things Pagosa". Anyone who loves the outdoors, mountain air and country music should plan a vacation trip to this friendly little town in Colorado.