Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still Looking Back

 Television programs can become quite addicting as I discovered 
while watching a program called "Who Do You Think You Are. This show peaked my interest in trying to find the source of my roots or just shaking skeletons in the family closet. Using such internet sites as and I learned of  several links to the family tree but the most interesting find for me was the grave site of the only grandfather I knew growing up even though he was only a step-grandfather. This man taught me the fundamentals of being a responsible hard working soul and the rewards it could bring. He also taught me how to catch a trout, track a deer, and the phrase "keep you hand out of your pocket or you'll never amount to hill of beans" has forever been stamped into my brain. Together with my older brothers we worked side by side with Frank and built the house my grandmother called home until the Lord called her to a greater home. With an old brick and hammer I straightened out every old rusty nail used to put up the walls on what I considered a lovely house.
 My dear grandmother went to her home in heaven in 1974, Frank soon sold all the property they owned in Pagosa Springs Colorado and departed that beautiful little town in the San Juans of Southern Colorado. By then my youth was gone and I had put into use the teachings of my parents and grandparents to bring up a family of my own. Although years passed without any knowledge of what had become of Frank I never gave up hopes of someday finding him. 
 Today I can say I am at peace with the memories of my grandfather Frank, only regret that I never knew my paternal grandfather but so grateful to have known Frank.