Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Year

Father time has come to visit once again, 73 visits and like good wine each one just gets better as the years go by.
This year finds me looking more at the past than the future. I can look back at all the so called good old days and wonder how I made it this far. Here I am facing a demon called cancer and about to lose a kidney, knowing that my visit here on earth is dwindling down with each passing day.
Just today as I read the news from the little town where I grew up; tears filled these old eyes knowing that with progress time has erased all my precious memories of landmarks I remembered through the years. The place of peace and tranquility I knew as young boy has become a beacon for wealthy tourist to come and change the landscape, and promote life as one big party.
Each decade has seen its portion of despair, political turmoil, inflation, depression, recession, but somehow we Americans have found the strength and courage to pull our selves out. Maybe some changes have not been as beneficial as we would like but there still is no greater country to live in. If I could make one change before I leave this world, it would be to find a way to prevent wealth from electing officials to run this country.
Tomorrow morning will find me under the surgeons knife and with Gods help this cancer on the old kidney will be gone, and soon it will be time for my better half to face the same thing. Once we both get our insides repaired life should be a little easier to bare.