Friday, May 29, 2009


Our upcoming trip to Colorado was put on hold yesterday. A phone call from my sister-in-law let me know that they could not make the trip due to Rob's father going to have surgery at the time we planned to make the trip. This trip was going to be to put my Brother's ashes in the family plot and a small service at graveside was planned. Jerry suffered for a long time with COPD, he was a Navy veteran and a veteran grave marker is in place waiting for him.
I had made reservation at a local Motel in Pagosa and when I called to cancel the front desk person did not know about the cancellation refund policy. After a few phone calls and emails I finally got it resolved. In the process of emailing the manager there I learned that she was a long time friend of my family and knew both my brothers and parents quite well. Upon expressing my negative thoughts to the expansion of millionaire mansions and the destruction of the natural landscape in this beautiful place, I learned that the old time residents are just as disappointed as I.
Some day I will have to make a trip back to my roots but will most likely need a map or GPS to find my way around. When I left many ages ago there were no street names, stop lights, and only a few paved roads. That was a time when a traveler needed directions he was told to go so many miles past a land mark such as the springs or down the Piedra road.
I still see in the depths of my memory bank walking down main street and passing men leaning on the railing above the pool hall and being greeting with a smile by and men tipping their hats to ladies passing by. That was time when all the merchants knew you by name and you could run a tab in any store or saloon.

Friday, May 22, 2009


One thing one can do while retired is turn to modern technology and read such things as a blog, its kinda like reading a book in progress. Today in between feeling sorry myself for the aches and pains in the old body and the thought of Memorial Day approaching I took time to read a blog posted by my oldest daughter. As I read and wiped tears between each sentence, memories of her childhood and how she always had her nose in a book came to light. I thought to myself how blessed I have been to have her, her brilliance will forever outshine anything I have achieved in my lifetime.
Memorial day coming up is day of remembering those who gave the their life so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have. It is also a day of remembering those we have loved who my not have died in battle but have devoted they life so that we my have a linage known as family. Each year I make an effort to place flowers upon the little piece of earth that covers those who have gone before me.
In reading the blog I wondered what comforting thoughts could a father give a daughter who seems to always be the one nurturing and teaching the parent. As I make my way to the resting place of her Mother all I can do is pray and give thanks for the gifts she left. I will silently let those who rest know that they can be proud of the fruit their seeds have produced.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

looking back

Looking back at the way the economy in Pagosa was handled when I was a young boy. My grandparents owned this little grocery store in 1945, not only was it the place to buy groceries and heating fuel it also served as a place of worship and home for my parents and three boys. Many residents with limited income could come into the Wayside grocery and purchase their needs with only signature of good faith to pay whatever they could on the first of the month. Those who still fell short of funds could trade with goods grown on their farm.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What God has given, man has taken for his own treasure chest. This hot springs once called the worlds largest and hottest was once a site for all to visit and enjoy. Now man has changed, added, deleted the natural environment to attract those willing to spend, spend, spend! The San Juan River that runs through this little town used to be a place for fishing, swimming and local drinking water, Now man has decided that God is not a qualified landscaper and the waterways would better serve the residents as a thrill ride for those who have the money ride man made waves.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue Monday

Just another exciting day in the land of old folks. Took the car in for service today to get ready for trip to Bakersfield on Thursday to celebrate Mothers day with Cookies Mom. With the economy the way it is all I needed was for a service writer to tell me it was time for the 90000 mile service. Maybe my $800 bucks would help keep GM stay in business but I had to tell him that I had to wait for my stimulus package from Obama.
Thanks to Carleen and her gift of Netflix our afternoons consist of watching soaps or movies then napping until time to nourish the old bod.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday

After admiring the talents of my eldest daughter with her blog I decided to give it a try. This kinda reminds of the way I learned to swim in the San Juan River of Pagosa Springs Colorado, just jump in and if you don't sink you must be swimming.
Today being Sunday, once my body came alive from a night waking to force the joints to open up in my hand or rubbing the ache of a new hip joint, I managed to make it Church on time. There's always a comforting feeling comes over the soul after going to Church. We stopped in at Hoffs Hut for a late breakfast early lunch then proceeded to our 12x60 mansion to keep our Lazy Boy rocker from being lonely.
As the evening approached the old belly began singing the blues so I decided to fire up that new BBQ, actually its a gas grill, don't know why they are called Barbecues. After filling up on Tri-tip and baked potatoes, was ready to curl up and let the world pass me be. Now, don't that sound like an exciting life!