Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A New Page

Its that time of year again when we bring out the colorful lights, sentimental  Christmas music, pine trees, wrapping paper and pray our credit cards don't get maxed out.
Here's hoping the coming year brings brighter days for all who gaze upon these writings. 2012 has been a year full of doubt, despair and heartaches for many American families.
 This old senior has seen many changes to the flesh and bones with a new hip, loss of a kidney and other aging ailments but the good Lord has blessed me with good recovery.
 Just when I thought we would end the year with peace and calm from election madness,  natural disasters, and wars; Satan raised his evil head again. Twenty young innocent lives were forced to enter into heavens gate. There is no sane answer to such tragedy, but I will pray for those souls and the family left to grieve. Once again the subject of gun control will come to the attention of elected officials. The courts will someday have to decide if in the 21st century we all need to arm ourselves with automatic weapons against threats from sick individuals.Personally I believe in the right to own a gun but the days of the revolution are long gone. I have yet to see a hunter use and AK47 to bring down a deer or elk to put meat on the table. My suggestion to help decide who should own a gun is to require everyone living in a household with weapons go through a background check.
  Here is hoping that our civic leaders in Washington will find some common ground to ease the pain of the middle class, elderly, and poor while solving this nations fiscal problems along with curbing the violence in our neighbor hoods
 To the folks who read my blog, thanks for taking the time. May the coming year bring good health, peace, and good fortune to all. America is still the greatest place on earth and I have faith that we can all keep it that way.