Sunday, September 29, 2013

What a year 2013 has become, record weather phenomena, fires, floods, massacres etc. Now we have a government more dysfunctional than the Hatfield s and McCoys. There has been government shut downs in the past and this may not be the last episode of this drama. No matter what party affiliation one belongs to seems to me any civil minded citizen would affirm that congress has passed a law and the US supreme court has upheld its constitutionality. I say fund the government, start the ball rolling with the affordable health care law and if is found to be in need of fixing or change then wait to see what part is broken.
 This has been a year for my family of constant Doctor appointments and health issues waiting to be taken care of. At this time in our senior years it would be nice to have time to enjoy seeing the country and watching the leaves change color.
 Much thought was given to making a trip down memory lane to see my older brother in Colorado, we are both in our twilight years so the visits are far apart. With this new technology now one can punch in a request on the computer and get information on most anything. I decided to see how much damage would be done to my wallet by going back to Pagosa where I grew up;, just to stay in a place with a bed a couple of days would empty the thing with no room for the cob webs living there. Looks like my vacation will be sitting at the computer and looking at the wonderful pictures posted by post 1960 settlers with those marvelous cameras.
 Its been some time since I posted on this blog, but only because at my age its hard to get the messages flowing form head to fingers.
 This country is deep trouble but we have always pulled together when the going got rough and I pray that we can do this again. Lets keep the faith and all try to get along and keep old glory waving.