Monday, March 23, 2015

Times Keeps Ticking

The years keep rollin by and the body begins to show signs of wear but the mind drifts back to days when life that we once thought were so bad really turn out to be the best years of our life. How have we managed to live so long when we ate without reading labels, drinking from garden hoses, telephones were only in the home and family shared meals and worshiped together.
 Some of the greatest inventions somehow become our demise, the internet was thought to be the greatest achievement in modern history, yet evil doers have managed to take control of unsecured air waves and create havoc, atomic energy was thought to be the answer to all future needs yet has become a weapon to destroy the world we live in.
 As a young boy growing up in the mountains of Colorado I never gave a thought to green house gases, organic grown food, or thinking my future would be filled with so much evil. Seems as though those we have chosen to guide and protect this great nation can see no further that their pocket books. Morality as I was taught growing up in a Christian family is slowly becoming extinct. The two parties in Washington cannot sit down and find any common ground to pass laws that protect us from terrorist who have access to flood homes with propaganda, or protect our personal information,
 Now that father time is catching up and my days or years are nearer to the time I will be judged by my maker, I must try to keep faith and hope that a leader will emerge soon to save future generations of this once great country.