Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking Back

On my last trip to Pagosa while trying to re-trace landmarks where I once enjoyed nature in its glory, my heart was crushed to find nothing resembled those special places. The place where I once skinny dipped with friends had been transformed into a place for tourist to pollute the river and build condos along the river bank. "Cotton's Hole" as we knew it was not longer a place for youngsters to learn to swim, spear mud suckers with hand made willow spears and pocket knifes or steal a first kiss from the girl next door.

Mesa Heights as I knew it decades ago gave many youngsters a thrill parking on the hill overlooking the town,listening to some romantic tune while embrassing your sweetheart. This hilltop now is a serene setting for some lucky homeowners to have a daily
view of the beauty down below. The sawmill that once provided much employment to the area is long gone. The smoke from its smoke stake could be seen from the top this hill. This was where highway 160 and 89 separated and was also a favorite parking place for teenage lovers.

While visiting and reminiscing I was thrilled to enjoy sharing an evening of bingo with folks from my era, even got to meet one of my old school teachers there. My brother being very active in the local American Legion helps with the activities there. I was amazed to find the old building so well kept but my mind kept having flash backs of the days that building was the local Teen Canteen, home of the duck tail haircuts, saddle shoes and poodle skirts.


  1. Boy how times have changed. I can just picture that smoke stack. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. I tried to comment on the last blog but it didnt come through. so here it is....... Thank your family for sharing and giving a meaning to your topic. I myself am thankful for this season, it;s not about gifts under the tree. it's about having a home to enjoy it in. My plumbing went out and thank god for my cuz who is helpping me with it. the reason for this season to me is thanking all family for being there to aide when I needed it. Even though no gifts will be unde the tree I will have a place to shower,sh... and you know the rest.

  3. I can relate. All of my childhood hangouts in Tucson are long gone. Built and paved over.