Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's The Ark??

Be careful what you pray for you just might get it! This golden state of sunshine has been in a drought and people were being fined for watering their yards, now it looks like someones prayers were answered but who ever is charge up there forgot to turn off the faucet. I"m just real grateful to be an old timer who don't have to get out in the rain to punch a clock anymore.
Being shut in has given me time to tackle a project on computer. Many attempts at capturing my old family photos into a slide show I could share or hand down to grand kids was getting the best of nerves but I think I finally mastered it. After recently acquiring a new computer and printer I thought my problems would be solved until I discovered my favorite photo program was not compatible with the new operating system. After using up all the colorful language I could muster I decided maybe I better just learn to deal with the programs that came bundled. Being a stubborn old fool has now brought forth good fruit, I now have a slide show with background music that brings tears to these old eyes.


  1. Boy you sure have had some horrible weather. I certainly hope you all are safe and keeping dry. :) Excellent read my friend :)

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