Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From My Window Seat

The Internet can be a wonderful tool for research but then such things as social web sites can be a breeding ground political, religious and family feuds.

I recently tried going down the memory trail to find information on places where my family once resided. Starting with the towns that my parents and brothers were born and then looking for places my father would have been employed. I found a site referencing a town where my family lived in 1951. This site gave a very interesting detail of the demographics of the area, and photos of the Theater where my father was employed. The description of all the types of prejudices that were rampant sent shock waves down my spine. It made me so glad that we did not stay in Texas very long. Recently I've seen first hand that such mentality still is the root to the teachings in that state to, the term "Redneck" is really too polite to label those with no tolerance with anyone who disagrees.

Social websites such as Facebook can be a wonderful tool for interacting with friends and relatives, to visit and keep in touch with those whom we selom see face to face. However lately I am finding it more a place where the english language is becoming something of the dark ages and replaced with four letter profanity or coded abreviations that only those under the age thirty can understand. Political and religious views even between family members can errupt into verbal wars and threats of physical harm. These thoughts and ideas would never be mentioned face to face but the ability to write them on a site shared by so many give the writer a sense of bravado.

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  1. How cool to find that information. Isn't it funny about the prejudices back then? It is sad that four letter words get used nowdays? And what is the point. I mean sometimes we all say it but these kids that use them every other word...geeze