Friday, November 12, 2010

My Hero's

Every year when Veteran's Day rolls around it reminds me of the time I served with my two older brothers in the US Navy. I was lucky enough to serve most of my time on the same ship with my oldest brother Ron aboard the USS Reaper and a member of west pac; we made two cruises to the far east. Any time the Uss Caliente and the Reaper were in the same port, word quickly spread that the Willett brothers were in port! I am so proud of the oldest brother who still serves as a member of the American Legion.
How proud I am today to fly old glory on Nov 11 and remember all who served and many who gave it all so that we may have the freedoms we so readily take for granted. No other country can endure the negative and hateful statements towards its leaders so freely expressed in every form of communication. No matter which political party is in the majority there never seems to be any common ground of doing what is best for a democratic society.
There is a new year on the horizon and my prayer for the coming year is for solutions to the economy, peace at home and abroad, medical breakthroughs for such things as diabetes, cancer, MS, etc.
Regardless of political affiliation, please remember that there will always be those who are less fortunate and need a helping hand.

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