Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Are We Going

Where is this country headed anyway?
This question has been asked by each generation since the founding fathers signed that historic document called the constitution of the United States Of America.
Looking back over the past 70 yrs that I have been fortunate to live in this great democracy I have seen it go through changes and wondered how we have survived. Our fore fathers sought a country of free will but I often wonder just how free did they really mean. America is loosing its stand in the world as a country of high moral standards.
Even the English language has taken on a meaning of its own and Websters dictionary can no longer be the source for interpretation of defining the meaning of a word. There was time as a youngster in school I learned that the word gay meant a feeling of happiness and never refereed to as ones sexual preference. Marriage was a union of man and woman as described in every holy manuscript written.
The right to bear arms when the document was written was needed to allow states to form militias,and hunt for food, not to allow any one who so desired to stock pile weapons to destroy their fellow man.
Freedom of speech and press was never intended for distribution of porn, slander, or profanity
or foul language yet this is becoming second nature to our children.
I too am guilty of becoming a member of a corrupt society but I hope as I near the time when I shall be called to answer to a higher authority, I can be deemed a remorseful soul and forgiven my transgressions.
I am one of the lucky ones, my years left on this earth are becoming fewer and only the ones I leave behind will have to decide whether to continue to stray from the teachings of our religious leaders or stand up for morality.

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