Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year (going backward?)

2013 has faded away and now our sights are set on 2014, wall street tycoons are humming a new tune and the middle class are still singing the blues.
 California parents now have to worry about who is using the same bath room facilities with their children, seems to me a class in sexuality would be order so that one knows whether to stand or sit to pee.
  Colorado citizens or visitors over 21 can now get high on pot any where they choose except tobacco smokers still must snuff out!! I always thought smoke was smoke only some smells worse than others.Will DUI also mean being high on marijuana?
 So many new gadgets to take up every waking moment of the day, every one now has a phone on the ear or in the hand, conversations are no longer private with each device having its own speaker. Now drivers have to be extra cautious to watch for pedestrians looking at the gadget in their hand.
 Marriage has become a laughing topic and the courts have decided that it is not a holy sacrament between man and woman, watch out what may come next; legalizing prostitution or polygamy.
 Never mind if one does not agree with these new laws or social changes, just suck it up and be brainwashed with a daily dose of media blitz showing images that may disgust but the sound bites come so fast the remote control can't be found in time to switch.
 Its still not too late to right a sinking ship, so I hope others have the courage to sit down and write their concerns to congress and when the time comes visit the voting booth and exercise the best defense given to by our forefathers.

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