Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Social What??

I just can't seem to get the hang of this modern age method of communication. Thought I'd give that thing called facebook a try, seemed like a good way to visit with friends and family I seldom see. Things were going great, genealogy information and family photos were being shared, stories being told of good times past and present.
Like a flash and a touch of a keyboard this friendly social website suddenly became a battle ground of profanity & name slandering. Family roots were being ripped out like a storm of the century. For what ever reason written hateful words published for the whole world to see has resulted in a son disowning his Mother, a husband and wife filing for divorce, a father trying to console a daughter with a broken heart, diabetes, and numerous health issues, extended family searching for way to help financially.
When a woman gives her life to a husband and son for 23 years, giving every once of energy in her body to maintain a home while ignoring her own health one would expect just a little show of gratitude. Being a father, I have always believed that a husband should be the backbone of a family unit which includes providing medical insurance for a spouse or child. Watching my flesh and blood deteriorate with life threatening disease while all material wishes were granted to her husband and son breaks this old heart.
Only my faith in God will keep me strong and as long as I have breath in this old body I will do everything in my power to keep my children safe, healthy, and immune from being hurt in any fashion.

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  1. We'll get through this as a family, Dad. It will take time for things to settle down and healing to begin, but at least there's a support system in place now. :)