Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm A Country Song

life is truly a Country Song, I have always thought this to be true but today when I read Musical Mondays posted on my daughters blog these old eyes began to fill will tears. It takes a sentimental gesture like this to make a father realize that just maybe he had a little influence in the path of life his children may choose.

Merle Haggard has such a gift of telling a story with heartfelt emotions, one can close the eyes and be transported to a place and time so reminiscent of days gone by. The song "A Farmers Daughter" reminds me so much of watching my three daughters grow up after loosing their Mother just before Christmas. Another song "If We Make It Though December" is another one that I have a tearful time getting through.

Trying to fill the shoes of a wonderful Wife and Mother was the most difficult task I have ever undertaken. We had so many ups and downs, at times it seemed useless to try and get back up after being knocked down, but God was always on our side.

Time keeps marching on and music tries to change with the evolution, each generation that comes along have their favorite lyric, beat, or as to days young people say their own Rap. Even the country music of today has changed from the genre that artist like Merle Haggard leaves to the history of my generation. I too enjoy all type of Music, can't understand the Rap stuff so don't listen to it but I relate to big band, jazz, etc. When I want to drift back in time and reminisce of time gone by both good and bad I'll put on Merle, Ray Price, or Willie.

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