Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bring Back Morality

I often wonder just where my generation failed when it came to teaching our off springs the meaning of self respect, to honor their parents, the reward of dignified employment to know the difference between use and abuse. With the world as a whole in so much turmoil of wars, poverty, famine, storms, why would any person try so hard to take advantage of elderly poor parents. In my own family there are some who believe that parents, no matter how old, sick or frail they become somehow have the means to provide for children well into the golden years themselves.
Each of us as we age look for the day when all we have to worry about is our own health and happiness. Love is a very emotional burden, yet the bond of love that binds a family together can sometimes be the very thing that destroys a relationship.
Every parent tries to provide all the worldly goods to their children that was never within their reach during their youth. Sometimes this seems to make the relationship strong until one day a crisis arises and the so called money tree no longer produces good fruit. When such things happen and the children feel cast off they soon retaliate by doing and saying things they know will destroy the root of the family tree.
Looking for a cure to such relationship illness can bring on a nervous break down but really there is no cure. One must find the strength to cope with such heartaches through divine guidance and learn to say NO with conviction.
Children who become adults and find the need to call their parents foul names, continue to move in and out at will, expecting the care they recieved as infants, will one day answer to a higher power than those they abuse. I firmly believe those who disreguard the ten commandants like "Honor Thy Mother and Father" will forever suffer on earth and beyond.

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