Wednesday, November 7, 2012



                                    MY PRAYER
                                       FORGIVE ME LORD FOR I AM TRULY A SINNER
                                        I CANNOT JUDGE OTHERS SIMPLY BY THE TONE
                                        OF THEIR SKIN, THEIR CHIOCES IN CIVIL MATTERS OR
                                        WHOM THEY LOVE
                                        I MAY CHERISH LIFE BORN OR UNBORN BUT I CANNOT
                                        SIT IN JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS IN THIS MATTER, I TRULY
                                         BELIEVE THAT YOU ALONE WILL DECIDE WHAT IS JUST
                                         OR UNJUST
                                         I AM THANKFUL LORD FOR THE BLESSING YOU HAVE
                                         BESTOWED UPON ME WITH WIFE’S AND CHILDREN
                                         LORD BE MY COMPANION WHETHER ON THE MOUNTAIN,
                                          DEEP IN THE VALLEY OR IN A PHEW. 
                                          GIVE WISDOM TO THOSE I LOVE TO BE UNDERSTANDING,
                                           COMPASSIONATE, AND DEVOTED TO YOU EVERLASTING
                                           FORGIVE THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE MORE RIGHTOUS
                                           THAN THEIR BROTHER AND SISTERS

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