Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday

After admiring the talents of my eldest daughter with her blog I decided to give it a try. This kinda reminds of the way I learned to swim in the San Juan River of Pagosa Springs Colorado, just jump in and if you don't sink you must be swimming.
Today being Sunday, once my body came alive from a night waking to force the joints to open up in my hand or rubbing the ache of a new hip joint, I managed to make it Church on time. There's always a comforting feeling comes over the soul after going to Church. We stopped in at Hoffs Hut for a late breakfast early lunch then proceeded to our 12x60 mansion to keep our Lazy Boy rocker from being lonely.
As the evening approached the old belly began singing the blues so I decided to fire up that new BBQ, actually its a gas grill, don't know why they are called Barbecues. After filling up on Tri-tip and baked potatoes, was ready to curl up and let the world pass me be. Now, don't that sound like an exciting life!

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