Friday, May 29, 2009


Our upcoming trip to Colorado was put on hold yesterday. A phone call from my sister-in-law let me know that they could not make the trip due to Rob's father going to have surgery at the time we planned to make the trip. This trip was going to be to put my Brother's ashes in the family plot and a small service at graveside was planned. Jerry suffered for a long time with COPD, he was a Navy veteran and a veteran grave marker is in place waiting for him.
I had made reservation at a local Motel in Pagosa and when I called to cancel the front desk person did not know about the cancellation refund policy. After a few phone calls and emails I finally got it resolved. In the process of emailing the manager there I learned that she was a long time friend of my family and knew both my brothers and parents quite well. Upon expressing my negative thoughts to the expansion of millionaire mansions and the destruction of the natural landscape in this beautiful place, I learned that the old time residents are just as disappointed as I.
Some day I will have to make a trip back to my roots but will most likely need a map or GPS to find my way around. When I left many ages ago there were no street names, stop lights, and only a few paved roads. That was a time when a traveler needed directions he was told to go so many miles past a land mark such as the springs or down the Piedra road.
I still see in the depths of my memory bank walking down main street and passing men leaning on the railing above the pool hall and being greeting with a smile by and men tipping their hats to ladies passing by. That was time when all the merchants knew you by name and you could run a tab in any store or saloon.

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