Monday, June 22, 2009

Proud Father

Just when you think your life's contributions have gone unnoticed or appreciated little words or deeds come your way that just melt your heart. This is what happen to me on Fathers day with my daughter Carleen. On Saturday I tired to surprise her by giving her a doll to replace one she treasured as a child and I thew away when it seemed that the poor thing had seen its last day.
On Fathers day she returned the love by honoring me on her blog with the most beautiful tribute a father could ever hope for. The words expressed were like a sonnet that could be sung by choirs of angels. She is so talented in the literature field, its hard to believe we share DNA.
I love all my girls and we have traveled many roads full of pot holes, laughed, cried and screamed at one another from time to time but each in our way give our love that knows no boundary. My dad once told me that any man can be a father but it takes a good woman to make him a good one. Now I know what he meant I could never have succeeded as a father without the love of their Mother, May she rest in peace.
The past week was spent baby sitting a pair of cats and house sitting for my Step Daughter who lives in Temecula. Their family had to make a trip to Penn. to attend a memorial service for my Step Son's Mother.
Temecula is an old west type of town in San Diego county, the buildings there resemble the 1800s and has many Antique shops and tourist attractions. On of the main attractions in the area is the wineries and Indian Casinos that resemble Las Vegas. One of my favorite Casinos is "Pala," where one of the oldest Missions in California still has service and a school in operation. The Casino just opened a new Buffet which seats 630 people and has the best varity of food I have ever had in any Buffet.


  1. Beautiful post! You might not believe it, but reading your posts I think both of you share a lot of DNA :). Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Could be because she is my first born