Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Email from my oldest brother confirmed that the big event of putting the other brothers ashes in the ground in Pagosa was canceled. Funny after all these years I never knew when my sister-in-law Betty's birthday was but in the email he mentioned that her birthday is on the 22nd of June and he was looking forward to celebrating that too.
Speaking of birthdays, our grand daughter Marissa just turned ten and we made a trip to Temecula to celebrate. My how birthday parties have changed over the years. Remember when a home made cake and kool-aid was the high lite of the day? I don't know how many kids came to this shindig or how many adults but it was wall to wall people. Dave is quite the chef and prepared a grilled feast. This party even had a theme, "Wicked" named after the play and the eldest grand daughter dressed up as the wicked witch with green make up, she was the hit of the party.
I had a party one year when I was a youngster, only four or five kids came but my Mother took us all the Liberty theater to see "Red Ryder."
Today was the last check up with orthopedic surgeon and I got a clean bill of health on my new bionic hip. Since I've been coughing like I had whooping cough or smoking, I decided to see the family doctor and get checked out, a little congestion in lungs taken care of with regiment of pills. Chest x-ray was good but blood work not so, seems I have to go on low fat diet, triglycerides are out of wack and have to take dose of vitamin D every day.
Guess I better change my ways if I want to keep having Birthday Parties.

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  1. Birthday parties are so much different now than they used to be! I remember the same kind of party like you, but that kind of celebration wouldn't work for today's kids.