Monday, August 17, 2009

Then and Now

While exploring the thought of returning to my roots, I decided to look up the latest advertising gimmicks for the old home town. The first search lead me to the Pagosa Sun newspaper, this paper has been the local news media there for over 50 years. A printing once a week keeps the locals informed of all the progress and activities in the town and surrounding areas. The headline that caught my attention was about a new Hotel that was constructed near the hot springs which read "10 million dollar hotel owned by who?" The web site for the hot springs displays some beautiful photographs of the resort and the new hotel which has a base rate of approx. 250.00 a night, something I could never have dreamed of as a youngster there fifty years ago. The story goes on to explain that several of the contractors who built this extravagant place have not been paid and have placed liens against it. The photos I have included here show the way the springs were when my family arrived there in 1945 and the way it was when I left home. The water in the spring is supposed to be the world's biggest and hottest mineral spring. Its a place where as a young teen I attempted to dunk a stolen chicken in to remove the feathers and only a skinless carcass was left.
It seems strange that I can no longer afford to visit my childhood romping grounds where the hills and streams were as God had made and the animals did not need to depend on garbage from residents to survive. Pagosa is still a beautiful place but plan on taking a life's savings if you plan on visiting for any period of time.
Politics,Politics, I sure get fed up with all hipe on the television over this medical reform thing. Personally I think everyone should be entitled to first class medical attention. I don't think the government trying to help the less fortunate is being a socialist, after all I thought the government included all citizens of this country. I may be wrong but I thought Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA were government run programs but no one calls them socialist.

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  1. how you remeber these thing is beyond me... i am gratful that you have this and I can appreciate all you put into this. Dad your number one in my book!