Sunday, August 30, 2009


Nothing seems to be as relaxing as sitting on a bench watching the waves gently roll up to kiss the sand on the beach. Gone are the days when swimsuits and sunburns were the uniform of the day and transistor radios blaring out tunes like "Lets do the twist', Good Golly Miss Molly" kept us dancing in the sand.
One way I love to reminisce is to sit with the love of my life on a bench with the replacement for our old transistor radio, this thing called and IPOD and let it take us back in time with the tunes we loved so long ago. Since I have these gadgets in my ears called hearing aids, I can't use the ear buds so we take along our docking station so we both can enjoy the sounds.
Its amazing how many people stroll by and hear our music and stop, if just for a moment and maybe do a dance step or two. If they happen to be walking their dog. it gives them an excuse to let the animal rest a spell.
As Bob Hope said "Thanks For The Memories", its so nice to have such memories captured that we can have in our treasure chest of dreams. Each tune that plays is like having a slide show in motion going through the brain as I recall the era, the place and with whom I loved each song. Oh, I know today's generation love the music they have even if I can't understand or relate to any of the screaming, I can't help but wonder if fifty years if they will be able to serenade the love of their live with a special lyric they fell in love to.
With all the turmoil going on in this old world, if you want a really relaxing day, try shutting out the negative news media, politics, or personal woes and head for the beach or some secluded place and let your mind go back to a time of happiness with some good old fashioned music!


  1. OMG...I loved this song. It is wonderful. They sure don't sing like this any longer. Thanks for sharing and giving your thoughts. Excellent as usual :)

  2. Wow, Dad, this one took me for a nice stroll down Memory Lane! The video made me remember seeing Bobby Vinton in Las Vegas so many times and then going home to play his records over and over and over again. Good one!