Tuesday, August 4, 2009


While searching for some sort of hobby to occupy this old mind I decided to make another attempt at scrap booking. I remembered as a child how I loved to visit my Grandmother, this was a period of time when televisions were unheard of. We spent our treasured visits by siting in front of the old Philco radio and listening to stories like "Fiber McGee and Molly", or her telling stories of her youth. Other times I would sit on the floor in her bedroom and empty the bottom drawer of her dresser which held a treasure full of photographs. Yesterday while going through stacks of old photos handed down to me I drifted back to those special moments and still wondered just who the folks were in some of her old photos, the trials and tribulations these people went through somehow has given us hope over many years.
What wonderful progress has been made over the years to preserve our treasured past, things like visual recordings and digital photos. I recall how excited my father was when he acquired a box full of glass negatives made in the the early 1900s and was able to bring to life the images, now images are stored on computer disks that one day will be obsolete and children will no longer be able to thumb through stacks of family history or hold in their hands images of their ancestors.


  1. Dad, if these pictures came from Grandma Brown's stash, where would they have been taken? Any ideas?

  2. It's so wonderful to go through old photos. I have all of mine stored on disk. I took the time to scan them all so I would never loose them. It took me forever to do it, but so worth it :) Thanks for sharing the memories :) Great photos