Thursday, September 17, 2009


My dad really did go to school although I think he too was forced to leave at an early age and go to work. The stories he would tell was like sitting down in front of the radio and hearing a mystery unfold and constantly waiting for the big climax. The stories he would tell to my brothers and I kept us mesmerized, how he ran from home and began to ride the rails with hobos, the time he got into a boxing ring to spar with prize fighters to earn money to eat on or the time he drove a getaway car for gangsters. I can't say for sure if these tales were true of just his way of entertaining us. Without much education Dad always found a way to earn a living and raise a family. One of the longest tenures of employment was as a projectionist in movie theaters,having his own business as a painter of houses and signs and finally a printing business he ran from home.
There are times like now when I wish I had his talents with printing and the equipment. My faithful Epson printer is on its last leg. After spending a load of cash on ink cartridges I get a message saying that internal parts are beyond service and its now time to buy a new printer.


  1. Best get hoping to the store my friend. Loved this post and learning more about your dad :)

  2. Hey, Dad, that's a great picture of Grandpa in the print shop! You forgot to mention his best story of all -- the one about milking geese in Wales!