Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fires, Floods, Bigotry

Smoke still fills the sky, hundred year old water mains are flooding homes and businesses and the air waves are filled bigotry. What a way to celebrate the land of the free and home of the jobless.

There was a time when a child in school would be honored to hear the President of the United States encouraging them to work hard to achieve their dreams. Many years ago when I was a youngster in school such a speech may have saved me from being a drop out with a brand of troublemaker to follow me. The one thing I did learn not only from my teachers but my parents was to respect and most of all the President of the United States regardless of the color of his skin. Although I chose to leave school instead of being chastised for my mistakes I learned from my military experience to respect my leaders,elected officials,elders,and most of all that all blood runs the same color. Only in a country as great as this can one serve his country, go back and get educated and live on a social security program that was fought against just as hard as today's health care.

I don't assume to have answers to the worldly problems,but I can agree that things are really in a mess and it didn't get this way in six or nine months of an election. Mistakes have been made in both political parties for decades and neither can repair the damage as long as neither will trust the other but the latest rash of attacks are really making me one sad American citizen.
Lets face the fact that if the President had a different color of skin the name calling and decent would be much less.

These are only my views and I wouldn't try to force them on any one, I can listen, read, analyze, and hopefully chose a respectful attitude to those who see things differently.

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  1. All of them back in DC need to get a reality check. This continual backstabbing that they are doing makes me sick to my stomach. If they would get down to work and work for "our" sakes like they are suppose to maybe this whole mess could get fixed. I wish we would vote every single one of them out of office and start all over again. But there is so much apathy in voting that it disgusts me as well.