Friday, September 11, 2009

What's The Season

Its getting harder each day to tell what season of the year it is. While cruising through the big box store the other day I noticed all these scary things glaring at me and begging for me to touch or buy. then a few isles further I heard Christmas carols and saw blinking lights indicating Christmas was near.
Still another display was begging for me to go camping or big game hunting, oh my how confusing for an old man who can't remember if he took his Geritol in the morning. Its no wonder my sneakers are beginning to show a tinge of yellow and the zipper is needing wd40.
Reminiscing back to my youth and the way the witching season of Halloween was celebrated was much different than the way it is today. We didn't have all the manufactured scary stuff and had to think of our own mischief. A ghost of long ago only required an old bed sheet and a bottle of ketchup and a trick when candy was not supplied might just be to have your clothes line cut or out house tipped over.There were a few times when I came home smelling like the last rose of spring from missing a step while pushing over an out house.
I have to admit that I really enjoy seeing today's generation put their utmost effort into scaring the daylight out of everyone with their imagination. I was recently honored when my grandson invited me join his haunting club and his sharing photos of his horror objects,like the new zombie baby.


  1. I remember taking an old sailor's hat, stripping newspaper and scotch taping it together and then stapling it on the hat to be cousin it. Oh the simple pleasures of life. Can I borrow your wd40 when you are done :) LOL. Have a great Friday

  2. By the time I came around, costumes were already an out-of-the-box thing and toilets had moved indoors. Not too much excitement on Halloween except for the year when JC was a baby -- about 18 months old or so -- and we were going to take him trick-or-treating with us but he got sick and barfed all over the front of me -- right down inside my shirt! That was so gross and disgusting to a 13 year old!