Saturday, March 27, 2010

Changing Corner

Remembering how the corner of 4th and Lewis was when I was a youngster running across the street for a day of schooling. Lewis street where our house sat was still a gravel road,the land that now houses a gym for the school was a small hotel and grocery store with frozen meat lockers to rent. The owners of the little store would hire high school boys to help dress out deer and elk taken during hunting season. I recall one day when I was helping to prepare some of the game when a pick up pulled up and the carcass in side had shoes on the hoof, some poor farmer lost a mule to a hunter who mistook it for a deer.
Long before my family ever arrived in Colorado there was building on Lewis street across from the gym that once served as the local jail. This was one of my favorite places to play cowboys and Indians. This building was still standing
when I made a trip there in 2000 for a high school reunion. The vacant lot across the street from our house soon became home to the Post Office, which made it real nice for us to get our mail.

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