Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Seems like every thing in time becomes obsolete even these old vessels that house our souls. I have a difficult time dealing with this modern technology that changes more often than the weather.
My favorite thing to pass the time of day is trying to be creative with photos and scrap booking. I recently decided to upgrade and get a new computer with more memory and one of those slim monitors that is comparable to a flat screen TV. Little did I know that by doing this some of my programs would not be compatible with the windows 7 operating system. My favorite program was Microsoft Picture It Publishing, It seems that Microsoft does not deem it necessary to upgrade this one the new operating system. Oh, sure lots of extra goodies are added to Windows 7 but I have yet to find a photo publishing program as good as what I was used to. All the extra goodies added to Windows 7 are on a trial basis so you like them be ready to whip out that old credit card.


  1. Isn't it always about making a buck? LOL You can't even get tech support nowdays from them without whipping out that credit card :)

  2. The more time you spend on the computer the more you feel the need to spend more on upgrades. I hope you enjoy your new equipment.