Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Pattys Day

Just looked over a blog titled "All things Pagosa" and was surprised to see that the little town has grown large enough to have a St. Patty's day celebration. The restorations of the buildings downtown leaves very little resemblance to my memory bank. The parade route seems to travel the same way the "Red Ryder Roundup Parade" has for many years. It was refreshing to see so many folks get into the spirit of the day and everyone decked out in green.
Soon the snow will give way to new spring flowers, high school's will be looking for the day of graduation. I hope many of the new grads find a way to continue their education, its their generation that we must put our trust in to make this world a better place for everyone, long after us old timers have gone to greener pastures.
I sure don't ever want to see this country go back to having to rely on such things and tokens and stamps to get by.

These are samples of the way things were when all Americans had to give up simple things like sugar and gas, my Mother made sure such things were kept as a reminder of the price of freedom.

I see also from posting of Pagosa that music is still alive in the mountains with bluegrass bands performing along with other types of festivals. We never had such things to entertain us, we did manage to have a shin dig now and then. There was an old one room school house long abandoned that served as a dance hall and when there weren't local musicians a stack of vinyl records did the trick. The only advertisement that a dance would be going on at Bales School was by word of mouth, but it always got filled up. The grown ups would pack up their spirits of choke cherry wine, all kinds of goodies to eat. Those we cared for more spirited drinks would make many trips to their supply in the trunk of the cars. If there was not dance at the Bales then the next best thing would be at "The Pine Grove Inn" but getting in could be tricky if you weren't of drinking age. I always seemed to find me a chaperon to promise to keep me out of trouble if they let me in, I always hung out next to the band stand enjoying that good old country music.

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