Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day

This old tear jerking song by Jim Reeves always brings loving thoughts, remembering my Father and the love he gave to his family. With only a grade school education and living through the great depression he managed to provide for a wife and three boys. We never acheived any wealth only a home filled with love for one another. My father always said a man don't deserve any thing he ain't willing to work for, always do you best and be thankful for whatever your reward might be. As I grew in age my Dad was always looking out for my well being even though at times I didn't realize it. When I ventured out and got into trouble he could talk to me and make me wish he had beaten me instead. When he felt my wrong doings were only a growing pains of a young man he would cover up so my mother would not know just what I'd gotten myself into.
My father first worked as a motion picture projectionest, a trade he learned as a young man and moved from town town in Texas and then to Colorado. While in Colorado he began a painting business where he painted signs and houses. When his health began to keep him from climbing ladders he purchased some printing equipment and self taught himself and opened his printing business in the home. His last years on this earth was a lonely time for him missing my mother who had passed before him and caring for his pet cats.

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  1. I don't think I have heard that song before, Dad. It's a good one -- one that definitely fits Grandpa Willett. :)