Tuesday, June 29, 2010

time out

I am taking time out from blogging for awhile, seems the only people looking at this is someone using oriental language that get a kick out of posting porn photos.
Understanding that this wonderful country of ours prides itself with all our freedoms, there are times when a little restrain would be appropriate.
The supreme court just struck down the hand gun ban in Chicago and today advocates of gun rights are parading around like Rambo in Hermosa Beach CA. I'm all for the right to bear arms, I too enjoyed hunting animals, not human beings. Having been the victim of armed robbery twice and having a ten year old nephew blown away with a shotgun given to his 12 year old brother I don't care if I ever see another gun. I would like to see statistics of how many armed civilians have actually stopped a crime in progress or shot a person in self defense. The second amendment to the Constitution with the understanding of the English language should not be interpreted with so much confusion, it seems so easy to eliminate the phrase "well regulated militia" leaving a wild west mentality to gun toting fools.
As I sign off this posting my thoughts and prayers will be for all those in the gulf states suffering from this disaster and pray that our leaders will find a solution quickly.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your nephew. How tragic. But I must say I believe in the right to bear arms in a sensible way and like you not in a wild west setting. It's the few that ruin it for the mass as usual. Have a good break. See ya when ya get back. :)

  2. Dad, I wasn't exactly thrilled to see the revocation of a 3 year old law in Chicago, either. However, I have to admit that after hearing an old man explain why he took the fight as far as he did, I could understand his position quite well. He lives in a neighborhood that is now plagued by gangs and drug dealers. Without the ability to carry a handgun, the old man literally fears for his life. How doing away with the handgun control that Chicago has had in place for thirty years is going to solve the problem of gangs and drugs, I don't know; and I do worry that an elderly man with a gun may not be a whole lot safer than a gang banger or a drug dealer...

  3. I read! And when I heard about a Texas legislator who wanted to have teachers carry guns on campus, I freaked out! I don't know where that legislation now sits, but if I have to counsel students through their racial, sexual, language, and learning barriers and ALSO play Rambo in the schools, I may have to look for a new career path.