Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thanks for the world of internet I am able to keep up to date on the happenings in and around my favorite place in Colorado. By visiting the latest events with beautiful photos of the place where I grew up come to life.
One of the upcoming events mentioned is a class reunion for any all who attended school in Pagosa Springs, this will take place on July 3rd. I'm sure this will be a memorable event for all who can attend. I recall attending a similiar event in 2000 and cherish the memory of meeting up with some old fiends. I just couldn't understand how my class mates all got so old! Oh how is wish I could be there to join in the festivites and compare wrinkles and gray hair but I don't beleive any '57 class memebers are around any more.
When I departed that part of the country in the 50s there was not much to keep youngsters attracted to the area. Congratulations to the new generations for bringing the beauty and potential for continued growth to such a great little town.
As this older population of which I am a proud member of begins to perish my prayer would be for the conservation of the natual beauty of the San Juan mountians and the home of my favorite comic charactor "Red Ryder" the town of Pagosa Springs.

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