Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bad Economy?

Looks to me like we may be heading down the road to the past. Never thought I'd live to see the day this country would be in such sorry shape.
I remember when such luxuries as have tokens or ration stamps to put a meal on the table was a real blessing.
Many times my father would glue a piece of rubber from an old tire inner tube to the sole of my shoe to cover the hole. A chicken on Sunday meant the Lord had blessed our family again, we ate so many chickens that my father refused to eat that bird when time got better. Every member in my family worked and contributed to the family budget. My first job in 1951 when we lived in Texas for awhile was to haul popcorn in a wagon from the the "White" theater to the "Colored" one two blocks away. The Colored theater was for Blacks and Hispanics, the Hispanics had to sit in the balcony. I never understood such discrimination. My father was the projectionist, my mother worked the concession stand and my two brothers were ushers. Our weekly pay came in a little coin envelope and we would all empty ours onto the dining room table for my parents to pay bill and buy food. This lesson carried over to our move to Colorado until dad gave up the theater work and started his own business and my mother began working in the bank.
I hope these lessons of days gone by will help me as I struggle in my old age to stretch my social security dollars between a roof over my head and medicine never mind eating, guess I could loose some weight anyway.

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