Friday, July 17, 2009


Looking in the mirror and seeing this old man looking back at me I think of this song by Tom T. Hall. These lyrics have such a meaningful lesson of what life's treasures really are.

This modern technology such a facebook sure has a way of bringing together old acquaintances. I see pictures of young folks who I knew when all of us were much younger, some were cousins I haven't seen in many years and would never recognize if I passed them on the street. Its nice to see that time has been good to them and blessed them with loving families. As I browse through the listing, reflections of the good times our families shared come to surface in my memory bank. Its nice to know you are not forgotten when an invitation to become friends on facebook pops up and it turns out to be family that you have lost contact with over the years.

With the anniversary of Apollo 11 at hand it brings back memories for me when I first began work in the aerospace industry and worked on the experiments left on the moon by the astronauts. Although there is little praise or recognition for the little sub contractors, I feel honored to have been a small part of history.

Its been a long time since I made a trip back to the town in Colorado where I grew up. My sister-in-law called to let me know she would be taking my brothers ashes there to put in the family plot. When she informed me that she would be staying in a motel close to a "McDonald's" it sent shock waves to my memory bank. The little town has grown up! When I lived there we knew everyone and didn't need a map or street names to find our way around. Now it seems there are many developments, the place has tripled in size and one needs a GPS system to navigate. I complained a lot the last time I visited about the way the land was being taken over with little regard to preservation of natural resources but since I no longer live there I guess I just have to accept the growth of the wealthy newcomers. There are no longer old friends to visit there only my oldest brother, so next time I make the trip it will be as a tourist and I will pretend its my first time and maybe then I'll fit in.

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  1. I was glued to the TV for Apollo 11. I was so in awe of it. Still love NASA to this day. Life goes on and progress continues. I can't believe the changes I've seen in my life time already. And hopefully, I like you will be able to fit in with everything. I guess that's all we can do is accept growth. Progress!!! Great video. I really enjoyed it ;)