Thursday, July 30, 2009


Its been a one heck of a week and although I was looking for restful period the nerves feel like they have been through an 8.0 earthquake.
Things started out quite peaceful even knowing I could not make the trip to Colorado to see my Brother's ashes put into the family plot. Our youngest grand daughter was performing in a Cinderella ballet in Old Town Temecula and since her parents had purchased advance tickets for the family it was a must to show up. Not only was it important to be there for the show, the following Monday was a memorial service for our Son-in-laws Mother.
Knowing that we needed to spend the three days away from home I decided to take advantage of "Free" hotel rooms at the fabulous Harrah's Rincon Casino. The room was beautiful even though it was in the middle of nowhere. Since I'm not an accredited gambler I stick to slot machines that scream with video displays when you win something. It's really amazing how fast those colorful little gadgets can suck up a twenty dollar bill! After letting one machine tease me for a couple hours it was time to look for food. Off to the Buffet we go and check out the price, Wow!, $20 a piece, not me! I don't mind feeding a slot machine but it don't take that much to fill me up. Maybe it's cheaper at the "Cafe"; it is but only by a fraction, by the time I pay the tab and tip I could have eaten in the Buffet.
Back to our own little castle we were ready for some real nap times if we can get the fans to cool us off. Doctor appointment for the wife sent her to have CT scan to see if her kidney is manufacturing more stones. Called my Dr. for results of biopsy done on my face to learn I have to schedule an appointment for follow up. Today was the day of reckoning with the dermatologist and report not good. Cancer showed up in both places only one requires that I see a plastic surgeon to cut up my cheek. At this point in my life I don't know if want to just put a bag over my head or go see a lawyer and make out a will.

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  1. Ah I'm sorry to hear the results. But now's the time to hold your head high, and think very positive about all of this. You have to. It's always mind over matter if you ask me. Caught soon enough you hopefully will be fine. Just keep a positive outlook and follow doctors orders. That being said, Happy Positive Day 2009