Friday, July 24, 2009


Just when I thought the summer would be mine to enjoy as I see fit, one appointment after another keeps me tied to roaming my own area. This aging thing is really for the birds. After having a dermatologist dig in my face and leaving my completion looking like the craters on the moon, I called to get the results of the biopsy only to learn I have to go through the whole procedure again.
Politics, politics! I get so tired of all the politics playing out on the media. Everyone gives their two cents worth of commentary on the need for health care reform but no one knows what reform really is. Until those fat cats sitting in Washington have to survive on what most of the senior citizens on social security have to live on, they will never understand the suffering. No one wants the government to run health care; that would be socialized medicine so they say. Lets see now. is medicare socialized medicine, how about the VA, is that socialized medicine, how about state sponsored aid programs?
RACIAL PROFILING? Seems to me no matter what stature a person has even being a Harvard professor doesn't warrant the rage displayed over a police officer attempting to do his duty. Before the media puts video footage and statements over the air ways I think it would be helpful if the whole story was investigated first. It just might be that tempers were ignited unnecessarily.
These people who are called birthers, can they really be so stupid as to question the birth of our President. If any person in the US requests a copy of birth certificate I doubt that they can get the original document.
The second amendment is constantly being debated and the NRA would have every citizen armed with AK 47s, carry concealed weapons and shoot when confronted or shoot it out like Billy The Kid and WYATT EARP. Growing up in Colorado where big game hunting is popular and the kill is usually put on someones table, I think guns for that purpose is great. Being the victim on more than one occasion where a gun was placed to my temple and my belongings taken from me, I truly think I would be dead had I resisted or tried to pull a gun of my own.


  1. Did they find Tranquility base? LOL. I so agree with you about that Harvard Professor fiasco. Let the cops do their job. Obama didn't help much with his statement either. The government, seems to me to be getting involved in everything now. I'm so glad I didn't vote for the current Chief Executive :)

  2. Wow, Dad, something got you really ticked off, LOL! That was one Class-A rant -- just the kind of thing that blogs are meant for. :)